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10 weeks of tennis, friendship and lots of family fun...sign up now!

Don't let you and your child miss out on quality family moments!


Ten Project is a brand new initiative aimed at getting families to spend more time together while being active. Ten Project is aimed at providing children aged four - ten with high quality, fun, game based tennis coaching, that also involves the whole family, all FREE and affordable. 10 weeks of ‘in school’ tennis coaching is supplemented with a FREE parent/child session at the weekends on public owned local community tennis courts across the UK.


Ten Project

Ten Project

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Project features:


  • For girls and boys aged four to ten

  • Delivered nationwide in partnership with local boroughs, primary schools and local open spaces/venues

  • Ten FREE one-hour sessions in school, held over ten weeks

  • Emphasis on improving physical literacy (in line with the National Curriculum for P.E.) of your child by introducing tennis as a fun, lifelong health, fitness and social activity

  • Using a modified system of equipment and balls, essential for the development of fundamental motor skills, technique, rallying, and of course playing the game.

  • Each child receives a Ten Project Activity Booklet that tracks their progress over the 10 weeks

  • Safe and fully accredited

  • Ten FREE parent/child one-hour sessions, held over ten weeks at local open spaces/venues/schools, at weekends

  • Valuable time with your kids – mums and dads are encouraged to volunteer, become 'TENORS' and take part/facilitate FREE sessions at weekends

  • Easy online registration



Every child that registers and takes part will receive a Ten Project T-Shirt, Tennis Racket, (£10 deposit or one off fee if you wish to keep the racket), Tennis Ball and Ten Project Activity Booklet at their first session in school.

What is Ten Project?


Using a modified system of equipment and balls, essential for the development of fundamental motor skills, technique, rallying, and of course playing the game. Under the Ten Project your child will learn to hit, move, rally and score!

Every child receives a Ten Project Activity Booklet which tracks the skills learnt and their development over the ten week project. Each week your child will receive, inside their personalised booklet, the Ten Project 'Success Sticker' for each of the following skills learnt:

  • Warm Up & ABC’s (Agility, Balance, Coordination Skills)

  • The Shots (Forehand, Backhand, Volley, Serve)

  • Fun Games and Competition

  • Game Play/Scoring

  • Communication, Teamwork, Respect, Fair play

  • Ten Project Festival


Included in the Ten Project Activity Booklet will be further information on the Ten Project, including weekly activities and competitions, but most importantly access and information about the weekly Ten Project volunteer parent/child sessions.



Lend us your voice and enthusiasm and become a Ten Project TENOR!

At the Ten Project we believe tennis is a great way to spend time as a family being active, which is why Ten Project encourages parents to sign up to become TENORS and assist their child's learning outside of the Ten Project 'in school' sessions.

We provide the venue, the equipment and the videos to give you ideas on what to do ...all you need to do is volunteer and turn up!

Ten Project is perfect for parents! For at least an hour a week all mums and dads are invited to get involved, get active, and play tennis with their children for FREE as part of our Ten Project Family Sessions.

The Ten Project Family Session gives you the parent/guardian a structured weekly tennis session (using equipment, lesson ideas/videos, and coach guidance) within a local open space/venue to:

  • Have fun and engage with your child

  • Further your child's learning

  • Become physically active as a family

  • Meet other families

Each week you will receive a confirmation email reminding you of the local Ten Project venue where the Family Session will be taking place so you and your child can attend. The attendance of all children and parents must be recorded in a register each week by the TENORS. This data is vital to keeping the sessions running.

By agreeing to be a 'TENOR' you will have access to online resources including links to instruction videos of tennis games, warm ups and other basic instruction that you can use to help lead the session as well as use at home.

All tennis equipment will be provided by the Ten Project and will be delivered to the venue on week 1, where a Ten Project coach will assist the TENORS in set up and ideas for running the sessions going forward.

You and your child will be encouraged to report in the Ten Project Activity Booklet what happened during the Ten Project Family Sessions, using drawings, pictures, and videos showing what you have been up to that week.