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Ten Project is a brand new initiative aimed at getting families to spend more time together while being active. Ten Project is aimed at providing children aged four - ten with high quality, fun, game based tennis coaching, that also involves the whole family, all FREE and affordable. 10 weeks of ‘in school’ tennis coaching is supplemented with a FREE parent/child session at the weekends on public owned local community tennis courts across the UK.

We want every child and parent to have the opportunity to be part of Ten Project at their primary school and local public tennis court, and are now working to build Ten Project’s community with schools, local councils, sports bodies and other supporters in the UK.
10 Reasons why your school should get involved!

  • Ten Project engages children within school time giving them a positive first experience of sport

  • Ten Project engages parents with school life

  • Emphasis on improving physical literacy (in line with the National Curriculum for P.E.) of children by introducing tennis as a fun, lifelong health, fitness and social activity

  • Tackles the rise in childhood obesity and inactivity within families

  • Promotes how valuable exercise can be both inside and outside of school and builds a sporting habit for life

  • Children are picking up a tennis racket for the first time, they are focused within school, and most importantly they are getting active 

  • Opens up the school community to the wider community

  • Teacher training...we give the opportunity for teachers to learn how to deliver our sessions so they can carry on long after we are gone

  • Fully inclusive - every child and parent, whatever their circumstances, age or ability, can take part

  • Promotes playing tennis outside in the fresh air, regardless of the weather. Children, teachers, and parents are being encouraged to LEARN. PLAY. TOGETHER

'The Ten Project has been fantastic for Coombe Hill. Staff cannot speak highly enough of the sessions that Ten Project has run, and the opportunity for parents to follow up what has been learnt in school during the free weekend sessions has been very motivational.  A number of parents have gone out of their way to tell me how much they have appreciated it. Pupils need little reminder to bring their rackets, they are so keen to make the most of the sessions. The Ten Project seems to fit the aims of Sports Premium perfectly,  not only in promoting sport in school but also encouraging families to get active in the community. I will certainly be planning to use the Ten Project again in our next academic year.'
Mark Clutterbuck, Headteacher, Coombe Hill Junior School


‘The children have absolutely loved tennis lessons with Ten Project and Harry. The lessons are fully inclusive for all our children and the games and activities are exciting as well as motivating! It has been wonderful to see the children’s confidence develop in all round school life as the weeks have progressed. It has also provided me as a teacher with some excellent ideas to use in PE lessons!’

Miss Howard, Year 2, Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School 


‘The Ten Project has been very successful at our school. We were excited to participate as I particularly liked the new approach of involving parents right from the start. This has been a great element of the programme and I have had fantastic feedback from parents who have really enjoyed being able to use their local community tennis courts and open spaces for free. I also think it has given the children a focus within school. The children have been so excited about their weekly sessions. They love having their own racket and ball, t-shirt and activity book which helps them to keep track of their progress and skills development. Not only it is getting both our children and parents active, hopefully it is also inspiring tennis players of the future! Harry from the Ten Project has brought enthusiasm and motivation to the school. He has made the whole process very easy so that involvement in it is not an onerous task at all. I would highly recommend getting involved. The children love it!’
Marie Baxter, Headteacher, Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School  



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