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Ten Project believes that attitudes towards sport and physical activity are shaped by our experiences in childhood. 
Engaging children and parents as early as possible, and involving the whole family in physical activity, is vital to building a sporting habit for life. 
We want every child and parent to have the opportunity to get active and be part of Ten Project at their primary school and local community public tennis court. At the heart of our initiative are three core values and outcomes:


Children and parents can develop physical literacy together and learn the life skills needed to support academic achievement within school. Teachers, children and parents are supported to sustain Ten Project both in and out of schools.


Children and parents should PLAY more. We want to make sure the opportunities are there to play, including those under-represented in sport. 

Through play, children and parents have fun, develop positive attitudes towards physical activity and sport and gain greater confidence in their abilities.

Children and parents experience the longer term benefits of participating in physical activity in both school and in their local community; increased confidence and self esteem, a sense of belonging, making friends and feeling part of a community...


Physical activity is better when we do it together! Parents and families have the opportunity to be part of their child's learning both in school and outside of school. At the heart of Ten Project is togetherness and the ability to harness the community spirit that primary schools can create within the local community. 

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