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Ten Project partners with Street Tag to get families active in their local community

Ten Project is excited to announce it’s collaboration with Street Tag, a mobile phone app that gets families physically active in their local community.

Street Tag is exceptional at bringing together families, neighbours and communities to get out more, by turning their streets into a virtual playground, to increase residents' outdoor experience in walking, running and cycling more to earn rewards.

Street Tag does this through a smartphone app where families can create a profile, with up to 6 players in each team. During the Street Tag experience, participants record their physical activity (walking, running, cycling) by scanning virtual tags with their smartphone at various locations, watching their total distance accumulate to climb up on the local leaderboard, creating competition, being physically active, connecting with green spaces, and creating an opportunity to rediscover their area, all while earning prizes.

Seun Oshinaike, Founder of Street Tag explained, “We are excited to be teaming up with Ten Project to make access to physical activity opportunities across Kingston fun, engaging and accessible to families. Especially in green spaces and on your streets.”

Ten Project is a brand new initiative aimed at getting families to spend more time together while being active. Ten Project is aimed at providing children aged four - ten with high quality, fun, game based tennis coaching, that also involves the whole family, all FREE and affordable. 10 weeks of ‘in school’ tennis coaching is supplemented with a FREE parent/child session at the weekends on public owned local community tennis courts within London boroughs.

Alongside Ten Project’s primary school and community initiative, they have just launched their FREE Community Family Sessions in partnership with Active Kingston and Park Tennis in Kingston. Every Saturday from the 25th January - 11th April from 1.30pm - 2.30pm families from Kingston can come and have fun, get active and LEARN. PLAY. TOGETHER at Park Tennis Kingston, Kingston Road Recreation Ground.

Harry Lloyd, Founder & CEO of Ten Project commented, “Our initiative is about creating opportunities for families to get active in their local community. From primary school to the local community tennis court we make sure teachers, children and their parents, learn, play, together. Children should be given the opportunity to take part in quality physical activity from as early an age as possible and parents should be part of that playing and learning process. For us both are vital in creating a habit for life within the family.”

Harry goes on to say, “We have very similar core values to Street Tag and that is why this relationship is such a perfect fit. Through this partnership between Ten Project and Street Tag, families can have fun, make new friends, get active together in their local community while also earning rewards and prizes.”

Street Tag has already started work within local primary schools within the borough of Kingston upon Thames and Ten Project will be introducing their free initiative to a number of these primary schools so more children and their families can benefit from both.

To find out more information about Street Tag visit:

To find out more information about Ten Project visit:

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